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Change Success

Q. How can I be at least 80 percent sure that both my organizational and personal change initiatives will be successful?
A: Find out what the exemplars of organizational and personal change do differently to everyone else!
Change Success begins with research conducted by Dr Chris Mason that suggests the average probability of change success is only 30 percent. The resulting trial and error approach to change is costly in both financial and human terms.
For anyone desiring personal or organizational success the Change Success book builds on this research to provide a proven process to follow, using the evidence-based models and diagnostics Dr. Chris Mason leads the reader through implementation of key steps to increase the success of a change initiaive. Readers are able to assess their current probability of change success and identify the specific gaps in their plans that need to be addressed.
To order your copy of Change Success please email ($10 AUD each plus postage, minimum 2 books). To order a Kindle version, click here.

Value To Others

Many books purport to offer tips on how to thrive in the business world, but personal and business success really comes down to one thing: Value to Others. And if one always strives to provide value and help others, self-worth improves, leading to continual growth. This concept of growing self-worth by providing value is the first in a series of fifty-two business insights this invaluable handbook addresses. Years ago, at only thirty-five, author Dr. Chris Mason was appointed CEO of an international public company. But he soon discovered that its finances were in shambles. Determined, he spent a full year working through every single issue—it was his hardest year ever, but it was also his best. Being forced to learn everything the hard way with little support provided him the critical business experience he needed. He founded Mindshop in 1994, a company offering thousands of business leaders, advisors, and professional services each year the kind of support and training he himself would have treasured. Now, Value to Others offers the wisdom of Mindshop to a wider audience.
Take the first step in creating value to others by ordering a copy of Dr. Chris Mason’s book  for your colleagues and clients. 
To order your copy of Value To Others please email ($10 AUD each plus postage, minimum 2 books). To order a Kindle version, click here.

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