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Supercharge your advisory offering with Mindshop Business and Leadership Health Checks

Supercharge your advisory offering with
Mindshop Business and Leadership Health Checks

Having a clear business advisory model was highlighted as the biggest factor impacting advisory performance in by advisors surveyed for the Mindshop 2020 High Performance Report.

In response, Mindshop looked at business advisory clients’ needs and added a Business Health Check and Leadership Health Check to its arsenal of advisory offerings. Quickly customizable and supported by abundant resources to create, promote and implement, they’re ideal solutions for advisors to rapidly take to market.

Mindshop Business Health Check

Supported by the Growth and Profit Solutions and Change Success (Personal and Organizational) Diagnostics, the Mindshop Business Health Check is a great ‘foot in the door’ offering.

Flexible enough to kick start a client engagement or to demonstrate proof of capability, the Business Health Check allows advisors to get a snapshot of what’s happening in an organization, what’s working, what’s not then recommend strategies to assist (with perhaps the chance of ongoing implementation engagements).

Mindshop Leadership Health Check

Help clients understand how they are performing and discover opportunities for improvement as a leader, owner or decision maker with the Mindshop Leadership Health Check. Leveraging the new Mindshop Leadership Diagnostic and Change Success Personal Diagnostic, advisors can survey multiple leaders in an organization, group, sort and present the results in the templated report. A swift way of delivering client value without hours of pre and post work.

What’s in it for business advisors?

  1. Sell as a one-off project or package in an annualized coaching program
  2. An opportunity to identify the next steps to extend a client engagement
  3. Offerings are easy to take to market and implement saving hours of time

What resources are available?

  1. Complete ‘how to’ instructions
  2. Pre-workshop Growth & Profit Solution, Change Success (Personal and Organisational) and new Leadership Diagnostics
  3. Customisable marketing flyers and report templates
  4. Sales tips, delivery instructions and more…

Delivering the Health Checks

Mindshop recommends distributing diagnostics to participants before the workshop then using key Mindshop tools to flesh out issues and narrow down key actions for success. Creating a report to send back to the client is as easy as taking a screen shot of diagnostic reports, whiteboards and brainstorming materials. Mindshop aims to make you more productive by cutting down on admin, so the report should only take ten minutes.

If you’re a Mindshop member already, source the resources for Business and Leadership Health Checks from the Advisory Services area in Advisor Mode on Mindshop Online.

If you’re not a Mindshop member and you want to access everything an advisor needs to successfully build, grow, sell and deliver advisory services to any sized customer, anywhere in the world. Contact us today here.

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