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Key capabilities for business leaders in 2017


Key capabilities for business leaders in 2017

In December 2016, Mindshop surveyed over 120 business leaders and advisors globally to identify their thoughts on how to create success in the year ahead. The results from the survey are in and you can discover what key capabilities will be needed  to create cut through in your market in 2017.

Click here to read the report and discover:

  1. 10 key capabilities for success in 2017
  2. Insights from the survey results
  3. Suggested strategies for success
  4. How you rate for each of the ten capabilities
  5. Where you need to focus your learning and development activities

Mindshop found that the keys to success for business leaders involved:

  1. Managing Millennials – understand the values and needs of this generation to align your employee engagement strategies
  2. Leading by example – embody the traits and values you want your staff to emulate to generate direct commercial results
  3. Simplifying complexity – focus on improving systems and processes, leveraging technology effectively so it works for you
  4. Rapid prioritisation – focus on on what is urgent and important rather than prioritising based on the ‘squeaky wheel’
  5. Customer centric business model – re-imagine your business model by putting yourself in your customers’ shoes, how will you add value?
  6. Be the coach in your team – magnify the abilities of your employees and increase their overall capacity
  7. Challenge strategic plans – create a concise, workable and evolving plan through the lens of your organisation’s vision for the future
  8. Delegation to an ‘A’ team – engaged employees with clear role definition and empowerment to succeed will free up your time
  9. Change strength – avoid implementation failure by addressing the key elements of change success: readiness, capability and attitude
  10. Agility – balance stability with dynamic capabilities to respond quickly to changing market conditions


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